Why payday lenders charge high interest rate than the normal lending companies and bank. The risk involved to loan is higher. With the help of payday lender, an individual can be able to get quick money without facing large amount of documentation process and the difficulty of credit score checking. Credit unions and banks loan funds on the basis of long term collect the interest charges above the fixed period. These companies are preferable regarding who they loan to, generally accepting to the people who contain good credit score points, smaller level of debt to salary ratios.

This offers more protection for the lending companies hence reducing the danger of borrower non payment of the loan. But the payday lenders look the borrower’s job, salary and direct deposit like their collateral, hence removing the requirement to ask for other types of evidence of creditability. Checking of credit score ratings are not performed on the borrower by the payday lenders, therefore the payday lenders do not know what type of payment record the applicant brings to the loan process. The payday lenders do need which borrower contain no above two other loans during the application process.

These lenders check this by a procedure known as CL. Particularly; the lender is carrying heavy risk if they provide a loan because they are not availing the same principles like conventional lending companies. With the two or three payday loans of non payment, these lenders will provide online payday loans by carrying a high risk. Certain thing to keep in mind when finding at the payday lenders rate vs. credit unions and banks is that the interest rate on the short term. A bank may provide a loan which will carry 1 year to make payment at the yearly interest rate of about 10 percent.

This 10 percent is lower than the payday loan. With the basis of short term loan, the rate of interest is calculated according to the loan paid within one week or three weeks normally. If you perform these calculations, the rate of interest will come out high and you will be face paying higher amount on the long term loan basis. Selecting a payday lender and a loan is at the decision of the borrower. Making research on interest rates and payday lenders will be helpful whether it is a long term or short term loan. These lenders provide the benefit of fast application process and provide the needed amount in right time and do not make the applicant to face a complicated application process.

It is also highly essential to keep in mind that these kinds of loans are for short term with the repayment of the applicant next income check. There are plenty of websites that offer information regarding the deals given by the payday providers. You can also see comparison sites which assist you to check about the services and compare their terms and other conditions of several lenders. It will help you to get the payday loans at lower interest.