If you would like to improve your credit score, it is important to begin by knowing where you currently stand. You get a free credit report every year even though you are supposed to pay to see the FICO scores. If your scores happen to be below 760, then they need some improvement. Check the credit score for errors. Ensure that there are no late payments that are incorrectly listed in one or more of your accounts. Check that the amount that is owned for each of the account is correct. Where you find errors, you should raise a dispute with the reporting agency or the credit reference bureau.

A good way of improving your credit score is by making your credit payments on time. There are banks that offer a payment reminder through the online banking portal. They send a text message or email reminder when the payment is due. You can also enroll in the automatic payments through your credit card or the loan provider such that the payments are automatically debited from the bank account.

Reduce also the debts that you owe. Though this may be difficult, reducing the amount that you owe is a more satisfactory requirement than improving the credit score. You can begin by stopping the use of your credit card. Make a list of all your accounts using your credit report, then go through the recent statement to determine the amount you owe on each of the account as well as the interest rate that is being charged. Come up with a plan for payment that allocate most of your available budget to payment of debt, starting with those that have the highest interest while maintaining a minimum payment on the rest of the accounts. Ensure that you pay all your bills on time and even if you miss a payment get current and also stay current.