My experience with the VA home loans is a bad one which has left me wondering if the home loan program actually works for the common man to built their dream house. Initially i faced a lot of problems in verifying my income and credits but finally after a few ups and downs, i qualified with my income and credits to apply for a loan of around 320,000$.

However the dark side came when i could not find any local appraiser who perform the VA home loan appraisers. So,the regional manager of VA California sent me to Western California to perform the appraisers there.But to my shock the appraisers were not performed in an orderly way, they didn’t even compared the market value of the house not had a thorough look at the map plans which were based on an area of 3000sq feet.

Next time i called the person to have a field review of my house while it was being built, but he too did the survey in a vague and unsatisfactory manner which made me wonder why i am paying them 700$ for each visits, as a result my property was undervalued and i had to suffer. and my status was not approved at the end and i was forced to take loans at higher rates.Also i never say them having any real conversations from higher authorities and their slothful nature made me pay a high price.

Though I believe it is easy to get qualified for income status and credits but the after service is not satisfactory at all. So,if you go for a VA home loan make sure they don’t call the appraisers from the Western Cali region because those are really stupid and will give their personal views rather than the technical ones.