Proverbs say, one van never repay the debt of the parents. However, there are several examples when people found themselves unable to pay others debt also. It is called as bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a state when people or organizations find themselves unable to repay another person or organization’s debt and surrender to the court. The court, after judging the proper condition, decides whether they should be called as bankrupt or not.

However, we are not here to talk about the fact of bankruptcy but about the effects of it on a married person.
If you are married, bankruptcy could be a trouble for you. A married person has a number of responsibilities like having children or taking care of them or paying bills. All these activities would be hampered once you are declared as bankrupt. However, if you have a plan to do some mischief, bankruptcy can help you in some accounts.


It is better for a lady than a man to get into such actions. A married person may try to hang out with some other to get rid of the daily problems of married life. It is a common fact that people sometimes get into extra-marital affairs after bankruptcy. Problem with the spouse is one of the key factors behind it. Now, you can practice this trick during your bad period. Some people consider this kind of relation refreshing and energetic as they try to find a support while they riddled with various problems.

On the other hand, you may get the support of your spouse who had been ignored by you earlier. Therefore, you may get the chance to rekindle your romance while you are broke.

However, no matter how it supports you to renovate your love life, it is not a good thing to be declared as bankrupt. It is a social denomination of a person that can affect the person and the people related to him or her very closely.