There are so many forex robots available in the market today, and new ones continue to crop up at an unbelievable pace. This sheer number of forex robots makes it extremely challenging to look through all of them to decide which one is the best, and the fact that many of the new forex robots are simply duplicates of existing ones, makes trying to pick the best one all the more frustrating. Perhaps, it has to be accepted that attempting to review all of the forex robots available in the market is neither practical nor doable.

Fortunately, someone seems to have already done the work of meticulously comparing several of the more popular forex robots in terms of their features and how they actually perform in the market. That person is Joe Stevens, and he has generously made his work available for public viewing through

What Joe Stevens did was he opened a contest for people to vote on which forex robots they believed should be included in his test. Then, he took the top vote-garnering forex robots, and ran them side by side for close to a year. (The comparison is ongoing.)

The results clearly show that Forex Hacked was, by far, the best performer. In fact, 9 variations and settings of Forex Hacked were included in the test, and among the 19 forex robots and settings tested, Forex Hacked landed all of the top 5 slots, and 8 of the top 10 slots — its remaining variation landing on the 11th spot.

Joe Stevens was impartial enough to concede that he could not categorically say that Forex Hacked was the best among the forex robots tested. However, the results of the test seem to speak for themselves: All of Forex Hacked’s entries turned a profit, the highest variation managing an eye-popping 425.38% profit.

So while Joe Stevens refuses to endorse a particular forex robot as the best, the answer from the test results seems to be very clear.