A few years ago forex trading was set aside for the affluent investors. Gone are those old days, today, online forex trading is becoming a daily activity that anyone from any class can get involved in. Forex exchange is a market that offers you abundant return on your investment and at the same time it can be a risk business with unpredictable returns because of the market fluctuations. There are a number of forex exchange tools you should take advantage of, because they put you in a better place of making perfect trading decisions thus improving your investments abundantly. The following are some of the forex tools.

1. Economic calendar

An economic calendar is one of the useful forex tools that put you in a clear position of evaluating market positions. In addition, an economic calendar keeps you in track on the daily occurrences influencing forex market. By being updated you will develop an effective trading approach that reduces forex trading risks.


2. Technical analysis

Technical analysis tool involves the analysis of trading charts provided by forex brokers daily. By analyzing these charts you will be able to determine and forecast the currency movements in the coming future. Furthermore it enables you to ascertain the existing market trend of forex exchange. With technical analysis you will be able to have small growing traders in the market thus increasing you investment returns.

3. Forex calculators

As a forex tool, forex calculators give you a wide ranging statistics on forex exchange. With forex calculators you will be in a better position of calculating the results of taking particular trades positions of different sizes, hence enabling you to estimate both profits and losses of these trades.

4. Professional charts

A professional chart is one of the tools that come with a large volume of data and other pre-loaded forex trading indicators. With these charts at hand you will be in a better position of setting forex prices as well as indicator alerts.

5. Dailyfx plus automated signals

The automated trading signals were developed by FXCM’S research branch and they include: stops signals, detailed prescription signals, and limits signals. The benefit of using either of these automated trading signals is that you will be in a good position of determining the forex trading system that is compatible with your needs and personal preferences.


It is recommended by forex experts that before you start using the above discussed forex tools, you need to set a demonstration account and trade it with each tool. This gives you enough time of deciding which tool suits your trading style.