ForexTrader Pro is a fully-customizable trading platform that packed with the most advanced charting functionality available via web. It includes all the customization features that any sophisticated Forex trader needs and deserves.

Simply put, it is an award winning platform designed for currency traders that offers advanced trading tools and extensive research and analysis. It helps traders manage, place trades and use their account with ease. If you want an edge as a Forex trader then you will find the Forex Trader Pro platform helpful. Some of the ways in which ForexTrader Pro provides more edge for you are discussed below.

Execute Your Strategies or Trade Directly from Charts
With quality executions and tight variable spreads, the charting found on the Forex Trader Pro platform provides enough room for you so that you can take your technical analysis to a higher level. Their customizable parameters, robust drawing tools, and over seventy technical indicators help you by providing more flexibility. The professional-grade charts also allow you to plan your strategies easily, and execute your trades directly.

Forex Trader Pro

Well Suited to Both New and Advanced Traders
The Forex Trader Pro is one of the two main trading platforms offered by The other platform is called MetaTrader4 platform. Although it is not clearly stated on the website, traders who have used the platform say it is more suited to beginner traders who actually prefer compartmentalized news and analysis.

The platform goes idle if it is not used for some minutes. Although this might sound weird or inconvenient; it is an extra step taken by the company to protect its traders’ security. The platform maintains the same screen you were using before it went idle so that the trader can pick up right where he left off.

Because majority of activities take place in the platform’s QUICKDOCK, the QUICKDOCK offers a clear place for you to get your account summary, manage your positions, place a new order and view previous orders. It also provides the flexibility of accessing news, relevant charts and other important information while making use of the platform.

Simple Account Management
The ForexTrader Pro contains all the bells and whistles that are commonly associated with an expert trading platform. The platform provides an added convenience by giving you the ability to switch back and forth between platforms while retrieving information from your account. You can easily view historical activity together with account reports and integrated statements.

Simple and Customizable Trading Platform
The customizable environment gives you the power to take total control over the entire trading platform. Easily update themes, colors, change or alter order sizes, change your layout, execution types and tolerance levels to suit your specific preferences.

Customer Service
Forex Trader PRO offers some of the best customer service. The company provides support seven days a week with 24 hour service usually between 10am EST on Sundays through 5pm EST on Fridays. While on Saturdays, support is usually available from 9am-5pm EST. Their informed and patient representatives respond in a timely and helpful manner.

Full Integrated News Feature
The platform lets you scan up-to-the-minute headlines and be abreast with the news with its complete integrated news feature. It features headlines from Forex Insider commentary and Dow Jones Newswires. With this kind of platform, you can easily gain direct access to analysis and proprietary research including Trading Central’s independent research.


ForexTrader Pro Also Offers the Following:

Software Information

Monthly Fee: No

Free Trial: Yes

Software Type: Desktop

Email Alerts: Yes

Mobile Alerts: No

Trading Platform Information

Trading From Charts: Yes

News Integrated: Yes

Charts Integrated: Yes

Live Support Incorporated: Yes

Indicators and Studies: Yes

Possibility to build proprietary indicators: Yes

Possibility to build proprietary systems: No

DDE Capabilities: Yes

Stop Order: Yes

Market Order: Yes

Trailing Stop Order: Yes

OCO Orders: Yes

Limit Order: Yes