Founded in 1841, Thomas Cook is one of the leading and largest travel and travel related financial service companies across the globe. This company offers various kinds of services such as corporate travel, foreign exchange, insurance, leisure travel, and more. This company is further divided into two categories namely foreign exchange and financial services and travel services. The former offers easy and convenient solutions for foreign exchange and payments while on the go.

Thomas Cook Forex

In case you wish to send some money abroad, you can use the Thomas cook forex service and contact the trained professional who can help and guide you to transfer money quickly and easily. What’s more, if you are planning to travel to a different country for a holiday or business trip, you can receive foreign exchange 60 days in advance. On the other hand, for any reason you need to cancel or postpone your trip, you can return foreign exchange to Thomas cook.

Keeping in mind the needs and convenience of customers, Thomas Cook lets you buy foreign exchange online. Further, this will be added to your account only after the verification of few important and necessary documents. With more than 170 years of experience in this service and the ability to identify currency notes, you can be assured that the currency notes are true and genuine.

This foreign exchange and financial service company offers various options and form of carrying foreign exchange while travelling including prepaid forex card, foreign currency traveller cheque, and more. The traveller’s cheque is one of the easy to use and easy methods of making payments for purchases thus lightening the burden of carrying heavy cash. On the other hand, the prepaid forex card offers a more secure and convenient way to carry cash and make payments during your journey. It is simply introduced to make your journey memorable and more enjoyable. Moreover, this proves to be beneficial if you are travelling to multiple countries. For added convenience, Thomas cook lets you retain your existing card and reload it for your next trip.

The maximum limit of Thomas cook forex for a business trip is up to USD 25,000 per visit. In case you require more foreign exchange than the maximum limit, you need take permission from the Reserve bank.

Why use Thomas Cook Foreign Exchange
• Offers reliable online rates
• Provides free home delivery for transactions above USD 500
• Enables you to order foreign exchange from the comfort of your desk or living room
• Supports various payment methods such as credit card and more

Thomas Cook not only offers easy way of transfers but also a secure method for foreign exchange.