More than $3trillion dollars is transacted everyday within the Forex marketplace. One might think that the likelihood of receiving a huge profit must be pretty high. However, researches have indicated that about 5 percent of the dealers are actually generating considerable and steady profit. This implies that gamblers and inexperienced traders without understanding of Forex market will find it difficult to survive here. Therefore, where does the expert advisor Forex come in?

Expert Advisors

If you are not aware, the Expert Advisor is software that carries out trades automatically depending on a specific strategy. Some of the advantages and disadvantage of utilizing such an automated mechanism in the Forex marketplace include:


· The expert advisor Forex must run on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a computer 24/7 so as to work properly.

· A majority of the robots do not operate on dates of high volatility.

· Newcomers might use the Forex software for the wrong purpose. They might think that since it is a robotic trading mechanism hence it is needless to understand anything regarding the Forex market.

· The robot lacks the information that is non-programmable. Therefore, the trader has to always view the bigger picture. Crucial Forex fundamental data like political environment and economic news may influence the Forex market.

· Manual intrusion of the software during trading might cause it to fail and develop into losing trades.

· Most robots work perfectly on brokerage companies that can provide currency pairs with fixed spread. Hence, it might not be appropriate to run on all Forex accounts on Metatrader trading platforms.


· Expert advisor Forex is capable of trading for you 24/7 without sleep or food.

· Forex robots can perform data analysis effectively and quickly.

· A majority of the robots come with features that can be adjusted and configured.

· The software frees up you time so that you can execute other duties instead of you viewing the PC screen all day.

· The robot works on a series of instructions. There is no fear or greed like a human does.

· The expert advisor Forex has a plot and is dependable in doing it.

· Most software developers offer assistance support and also 1 month money back warranty of their robot if you are not contented.

· New dealers do not require having in-depth know-how of Forex market although some basic know-how of this market is needed.

· Some Forex robots can see several currency pairs simultaneously, giving you more trading options than the manual trading.


Certainly, this software is gaining more and more popular within the Forex market. Therefore, the probability of getting the right robot/software becomes harder although it is possible. As stated, there are cons and pros in utilizing expert advisor Forex, people should choose carefully.