A Forex robot refers to a forex advisor or a system that is automated and is programmed to automatically execute Forex trade. The user is not required to make any trading decisions and it is upon the robot system to analyze the market and make sound decisions that will bring about profits to the trader. There are many Forex robot systems that are available in the market but the best of them all are the ones listed below. The systems provide perfect results and are very simple to use. Their analysis and output is also efficient and accurate.

Best Forex Robots

The Fapturbo 2.0
The Fapturbo 2.0 is patented technology software designed and developed by Forex robot Fapturbo. The tool was developed in a period of about five years and is well equipped with tools that trade both traditional forex currency pairs and six other currency pairs that are available in the market. The Fapturbo 2.0 trades Bitcoin which is the world electronic money. The Fapturbo 2.0 Forex report robot has a sixty day unconditional refund policy with two licenses which come with separate sets of bonuses.

The compatible brokers that Fapturbo 2.0 Works on are the MyfxChoice and Tallinex MT 4 which come preinstalled. The tool also has a premium electronic mail support and a clearly illustrated step by step guide that will lead you through its operation.

The Volatility Factor EA

This comes with a single license with one live account and multiple demonstration accounts. The Volatility Factor EA Forex robot comes with a free lifetime news conveyer and update provider that is accurate and efficient. The refund policy is sixty days. The version that is currently used is the 5.2 version which pairs with GBPUSD and EURUSD with a timeframe of M15. The robot operates on default settings with a leverage of 1:500. Its account type is Real-USD and the broker is FXPRO.

On live performance the Volatility Factor EA 5.2 provides optimized settings that are coupled with low stop loss levels which provide elevated profits that are secure and have the minimal drawdown.

The Forex Diamond EA

This is designed and authored by the Wall Street Forex Robot creators. The robot comes fully equipped with a high performance system for trading and an integration of trend strategies that are coupled by unique countertrend strategies. The system has a money management system that is smart and unique with trading parameters that are well configured. This results to a rapid trade system that executes very fast.

The Forex Diamond EA has a sixty day money back refund policy and it comes with one live account when you acquire a single license. The full multiple accounts that come with two live accounts include a 24/7 customer support centre and a lifetime supply of reliable updates from EA.

The robot system has three trading systems that are gathered together but work autonomously. A dynamic logic in trading is applied with a reliable algorithm that updates itself. The system also utilizes a high frequency algorithm which requires minimum optimization. The Forex Diamond EA has a slippage protection system that offers optimal profit protection.

FX Builder
This offers a thirty day refund through Avangate. It has two licenses which are one light or the two basic pro that offers support and regular updates. The FX Builder offers on their disposal experts who are skilled and are always ready to help you organize and built your own EA system with numerous merged indicators. Every version of the FX Builder EA has well organized settings that are pre defined that offer amazing results that can be viewed on the author’s official website.
Three main versions of the FX-Builder EA exist and they include the following:
• FX-Builder Light-this can be built through a standard technical indicator which has live results on the stock market in a period of six months.
• FX-Builder Basic-combines the features of the FX builder light and in addition it is able to use the bars and price action features.
• FX-Builder Pro-has the FX-Builder Basic version features and an additional feature that builds grid based strategies. It offers live trading statistics that are verified within a period of six months.
Happy Market Hours
This system is among the best Forex robots and offers a thirty days refund policy through RegNow. The system is a scalper Forex Robot that is designed to be used by any type of stock trader whether new or professional. The robot is designed to trade on any Meta trader application with any amount balance in the account. The strategy used on Happy market hours EA is to incorporate forty pips that are identical and considering profit limits that will produce a 1:1 theoretic reward ratio in terms of risk. The ratio may sometimes fall to 2:1 during backtests or lower in live stock trading. V 1.2 the Happy market hours latest version has two parameters that have been included which include the FFCal setting which filters news and prevents the EA from performing trades in the market after a certain level of news release which can either be low level, medium level or high level.

GPS Forex Robot
The GPS Forex Robot is among the best Forex Robots that takes important information from the stock market, compiles and calculates the necessary required parameters that will be used for optimal trading. At the backtests the GPS Forex Robot EA depicts strong stability and exemplary profit margins. The robot system is also not sensitive to the frequent spread in the market. The robot is always predicting short term changes and movements that have high probabilities and high profits.

Forex robots have gained popularity due to their output and ability to separate emotions like losing and greed while trading. When choosing a Forex Trading Robot always critically analyze the system and get to know how the robot operates and how efficient the robot is in delivering profits. This will include analyzing the output levels and getting professional opinions on the efficiency of the robots so that you do not become a victim of scam whereby you purchase a particular robot and it fails to deliver the desired results.